On his first day in office, in addition to presenting immigration reform legislation to Congress, the president and his administration took a number of immigration-related executive actions. President Biden issued a proclamation revoking discriminatory bans on entry to the United States and an executive order revising civil immigration enforcement policies and priorities. The DHS acting secretary issued a memo directing DHS components to conduct a review of immigration enforcement policies and, beginning January 22, 2021, to pause removals of certain noncitizens ordered deported for 100 days. DHS also suspended new enrollments in the MPP program. Further, the president issued memos on preserving and fortifying the DACA program and reinstating DED for Liberians, a proclamation terminating the national emergency with respect to the U.S. southern border and redirecting funds diverted to border wall construction, and an executive order revoking prior presidential actions that excluded undocumented immigrants from the apportionment base following the decennial census.





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First 100 Days of the Biden Administration