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USCIS Asylum Division Training Program

USCIS Asylum Division Training Section of the USCIS website provides the training courses required for asylum officers both on a national level and at the field offices.

TRAC Report on Federal Criminal Prosecutions Statistics

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) report showing that the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to enforce immigration and customs laws accounted for 59 percent of all federal criminal prosecutions in October 2011.

HHS Poverty Guidelines Annual Update

Health and Human Services (HHS) notice that provides an update of the HHS poverty guidelines to account for the last calendar year’s increase in prices as measured by the Consumer Price Index.

CA1 Finds Witnesses to Serious Crime Not a “Socially Visible” Group

The court found that the petitioner’s social group of witnesses to a serious crime whom the government is unable or unwilling to protect is not sufficiently “socially visible” to establish a particular social group.

CA4 Finds BIA Applied Wrong Standard of Review

The court found that the BIA had reviewed the immigration judge’s factual findings, used to grant the petitioner’s request to defer removal, under a de novo standard of review instead of under the required clearly erroneous standard.

CFR Article: A Modern Visa System for the U.S.

Council on Foreign Relations article recommending a visa screening system that will benefit U.S. security and the economy by focusing scrutiny on high-risk travelers and speeding approval for low-risk travelers. Courtesy of Liam Schwartz.

CA9 on Credibility Findings under the REAL ID Act

The court found that the BIA complied with its remand mandate by considering the REAL ID Act’s impact on the immigration judge’s finding that the petitioner’s claims were not sufficiently corroborated for his request for CAT relief.

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