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DOS January 2011 Guidance for L visa Adjudications

DOS January 2011 guidance for L visa adjudications, particularly in regard to evaluating claims of “specialized knowledge.”

DHS interim rule on professional conduct for practitioners

The CIS Ombudsman Quarterly Update for January 2011 includes a highlight of current areas of focus, including concerns with the DHS interim rule on professional conduct for practitioners and G-28 requirements, and more.

January 2011 Migration Policy Institute report

A January 2011 Migration Policy Institute report that assesses the implementation, outcomes, costs, and community impacts of the 287(g) program, which enables state and local officers to directly enforce federal immigration law and is now operating in 72 jurisdictions.

Secretary Napolitano’s speech highlighted efforts to secure the Southwest border

DHS press release on Secretary Napolitano’s speech at the University of Texas at El Paso, in which she highlighted efforts to secure the Southwest border, and also noted efforts to enforce current immigration laws, and step up labor enforcement.

Organizational Chart for the Texas Service Center

TSC Liaison provides an organizational chart for the Texas Service Center.

Waiver for Possession of Marijuana in a Drug Free Zone

The court found that possession of less than one ounce of marijuana in a drug-free zone in violation of Utah Code Ann. §58-37-8(2)(a)(i) and (4)(a)(ix) is not “simple possession” that would qualify for a waiver under INA §212(h). (Olivan-Duenas v. Holder, 1/26/11)


BIA Pro Bono Project

The Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR) press release announcing the 10th anniversary of the BIA Pro Bono Project. The Project was implemented in 2001 to improve access to legal information and increase pro bono representation for individuals being detained while their immigration cases are under appeal.

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