As many of you know, the Arizona Immigration Law was supposed to go into effect today. However, the Federal Judge enjoined the most egregious portions yesterday thereby stopping the enforcement of this unconstitutional law. The Governors attempt to use the backdoor method of trying to enforce the immigration laws and by being racist (as indicated by her remarks that all aliens are ‘pack mules’ for the drug cartels, makes it incredulous that she was ever elected. When she tells the federal government to essentially bring it on, they did just that. The federal government filed a lawsuit against the Arizona Immigration Law basically stating that a State cannot legislate its own immigration policy when that immigration is regulated, enforced mandated by the federal government.

While the federal immigration system is somewhat broken and definitely needs an overhaul, it must be enacted by Congress and signed by the President of the United States. It simply cannot be enacted by States. The law in Arizona (which mostly has been enjoined from proceeding forward) was an attempt to have local police officers basically profile people who ‘look’ like they are illegal and then follow-up with questions to ultimately put them in deportation proceedings and/or deport them.

This is America and everybody comes from somewhere else. It is a mixing pot of people from all around the world. Thus, when the Arizona law stated that it allowed questioning of persons who ‘look’ illegal, that is a very racist way of basically saying anyone that was Mexican would be questioned. This is not the way America works and it is a disgrace that Arizona would pass such a law. If the purpose of the passage of the law (other than being racist) was for economic reasons, it is in fact having the opposite effect. In fact, many organizations worldwide are boycotting Arizona. Companies which had conferences are pulling out and items made and distributed in Arizona are being boycotted. Thus, while for some reason the Governor of Arizona thought it would be smooth sailing to sign a racist, profiling and unconstitutional immigration law, the bottom economic line of Arizona is now feeling it.

It is quite certain that Arizona will most likely appeal the Federal Judges decision and there will be considerably more litigation on this matter before it is concluded, it should be a wake up call for other States thinking of enacting similarly racist bills and laws. The U.S. will not simply sit around and let racist laws which go against the very core of what it is to be an American to be passed and to eat away at our freedoms and the constitution itself.

We all must fight this type of legislation through the Courts, peaceful protests and boycotts. Immigration Lawyers will constantly bring these matters to Court and fight for the foreign national.  For now, the lawsuits will proceed forward. Hopefully, more people and organizations will boycott Arizona to teach the Governor and legislators of Arizona that they must abide by the constitution and that the simple racism and unfairness of such a law is unfair and cruel to the people whom it targets.

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