E-2 Approved for Smog Station

E-2 approved for investor and spouse based on purchase of smog and auto repair company near San Diego, CA.

Application for Naturalization Granted

Application for U.S. citizenship granted for client with a conviction for lewd acts which occurred 1 year after he received his green card.

Cancellation of Removal Granted

Cancellation of Removal application approved for 20-year-old client with a federal felony conviction for manufacturing explosives materials.  Our office was able to reach an agreement with the Department of Homeland Security and our client’s application was approved without the need for any testimony and Client was released from custody after only two hearings, just in time for the holidays.

Medical Waiver granted for Adjustment

Green card application approved for a Canadian client that is married to a USC citizen but needed a medical waiver because she refused her vaccinations based on moral/health grounds.

E-2 Granted for Dance Studio

E-2 change of status approved in less than 3 month with no request for additional evidence for a young Filipino couple that was gifted about $100,000 to invest in a dance studio.

Fraud Waiver Granted

Fraud waiver approved for Client who used fake identity documents to obtain residency in the United Kingdom and then used the same documents when he was petitioned by his U.S. citizen wife.  Client can now reenter the United States and join his wife who serves in the U.S. Navy.

E-1 Treaty Trader Visa granted.

E-1 visa granted in Australia for client as an essential employee of his parents’ screen printing company.  Client was initially a derivative of his mother’s visa but once he turned 21 he needed to apply on his own.


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