BALCA held that the l BALCA held that the letters the employer sent to U.S. applicants were insufficient, noting that there was no attempt to determine whether the applicants could become qualified with reasonable on-the-job training and there was no proof that the applicants received the letters. Another win for Law O Another win for Law Offices of Brian D. Lerner: 5 year old in absentia order was reopened for detained client who was presumably placed into proceedings after filing to renew her fraudulent TPS application. Motion was filed in time to stop her deportation, motion was granted in 2 months time and client was released on bond by ICE.

The Fifth Circuit remanded for the BIA t

The Fifth Circuit remanded for the BIA to consider the Convention Against Torture (CAT) claim under the “color of law” legal standard, with information that extortionists in El Salvador may have received information about the petitioner from government officials acting in their official capacities.

Immigrant visa was denied in 2012 becaus

Immigrant visa was denied in 2012 because of false claim to citizenship. We filed a motion in March based on a new interpretation of false claims and minors and we just received a notice from the consulate indicating that Client is eligible to schedule a new immigrant visa appointment.

Recent Win – E-2 Consulate Processing Ap

Recent Win – E-2 Consulate Processing Approved – Law Offices of Brian D. Lerner, APC Mail


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