Another win for the Law Offices of Brian D. Lerner

Adjustment of status based on approved I-360 approved.  Client recently moved and Client’s manner of entry into the US was questionable (she may have entered with a false document), but still got AOS approved.

How to get back into the U.S. after a deportation

The K3 and the Pitfalls people don’t know about

Another Win at the Law Offices of Brian D. Lerner

Motion to Reopen granted. Client received asylum over 10 years ago, but left U.S. prior to adjusting status. Returned on Visitor Visa and removal proceedings were instituted. Client received deportation order in absentia. Afraid to go back to home country. MTR granted giving an opportunity to fight case and reinstate and/or reapply for Asylum.

Immigration Lawyer

Immigration Lawyer Brian Lerner can prepare any type of immigration petition. As an experienced 20 year Immigration Lawyer, he can represent you in removal proceedings, prepare adjustments, visa petitions, appeals and waivers.

E-2 Immigration Attorney

E-2 Immigration Attorney can prepare an E-2 case for anyone from a treaty country who wants to start their own business, or to purchase an existing business. The E-2 Immigration Attorney can prepare the Petition and help with all areas of the petition.

Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer

As a Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer who is a certified specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law, my firm handles every type of immigration case from deportation cases from all over the United States to visas, interviews, processes, appeals, waivers, DACA, Petitions for Review. It is critical that you get an expert Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer to represent you with your immigration problems.

Specifically, as a Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer, we do business visas, work permits, Green Cards, non-immigrant visas, deportation, citizenship, appeals and all areas of immigration, H-1B Specialty Occupation, L-1 Intracompany Transferee, E-2 Treaty Investor, O-1 Extraordinary Ability among others. We also do K-1 Fiancee and K-3 Spouse Visas. We represent people in people in deportation and removal hearings, including political asylum, withholding of removal, and convention against torture cases.

While being a Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer allows people who are local to Los Angeles to come personally into my office, I have clients from all over the United States and in several countries around the world. As a Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer, I can give consultations via Skype and Facebook. In fact, I have and do call people all over the world to let them know how they can legally get into the United States or how to get back to the United States. Therefore, don’t let the fact that I am located in the Los Angeles area and that I am a Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer deter you from calling or emailing my office to get a free 10 minute consultation.

I have been a Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer for nearly 2 decades and have experience on every area of Immigration Law. If you have a difficult case that other Immigration Lawyers do not know what to do I will give a free consultation.

E-2 Immigration Lawyer

you want to start your own business in the United States, then getting an E-2 Immigration Lawyer to help prepare the E-2 Visa Petition is the best way to do this. An E-2 Visa is one of the nicest working visas as it allows you to run your own business, and while it periodically needs to be renewed, you can stay here in the U.S. as long as you like on the E-2. Normally, this type of E-2 Visa would require and investment of $50,000 to $100,000U.S. to successfully process. The more capital investment that is required for the business, the higher the investment. Additionally, your spouse and unmarried children under 21 years old can come as beneficiaries to your approved E-2. Your children will be able to go to school in the U.S. without having to get a separate student visa (as long as they are not in college.) The spouse will be permitted to apply for a work permit to work anywhere in the United States.  A great deal of the success of the E-2 Petition is how it is prepared. The higher the investment, , the easier it is to get approved. The type of company that would either be purchased or the type of company that would start from scratch is wide open depending on what you would like to do.

All of this can be successfully completed by getting a qualified E-2 Immigration Lawyer to prepare all the different parts of the petition. This petitionconsists of the petition itself, the complex business plan and the incorporation papers. Once submitted directly to the Consulate, it takes between one and three months for approval. It can also be submitted to U.S. Immigration for a change of status. My firm can also do the incorporation of the business in the U.S.

Inland Empire Immigration Lawyer

Question: Hello Attorney Lerner. I understand that you have an office in San Bernardino County and are one of the few Inland Empire Immigration Lawyers. What city is your office located?

Answer: My office in the Inland Empire is located in Upland, California. The direct number is (909) 632-1249. I have been an Inland Empire Immigration Lawyer for years. In fact, I have been practicing Immigration Law for nearly 20 years. That is two decades of helping people with immigration problems.

Question: As an Inland Empire Immigration Lawyer, what types of immigration problems do you assist for clients in the Inland Empire?

Answer: I help with all types of immigration problems, ranging from representation in Immigration Court for Removal Proceedings, to preparing and submitting Adjustment of Status, Waivers, Pardons, Appeals, Work Permits, Naturalization and Citizenship Applications, Consulate Processing, Criminal Relief and many other types of help for persons in this county (as well as all over California.)

I have offices also in Los Angeles and Long Beach. Therefore, should any client need to have a consultation with me, they can go to any of my offices.

Question: What makes you qualified as an Inland Empire Immigration Lawyer?

Answer: Regarding Immigration Law, in 2000, I passed a rigorous examination and extensive experience requirements by the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization. This takes years of experience to even attempt to take the test. Many of the people who need my help in the Inland Empire, have interviews for adjustment of status or naturalization or have been called for supervised release interviews. I can help with all of these matters as an Inland Empire Immigration Attorney.

Question: Why should people of the inland empire and San Bernardino County use you as their Inland Empire Immigration Lawyer?

Answer: Immigration Law is changing all the time. This area of law is very complicated and there is absolutely no way to become an expert in this area of law unless you have years of experience and do this area of law as the primary practice of law. There are so many places in Immigration Law that a box not checked or a procedure not properly done can completely ruin an immigration case, that you do not want to leave such an important matter to anyone else than an expert Inland Empire Immigration Lawyer.

Looking for a deportation lawyer?

Question: Attorney Lerner, I understand that you are a deportation attorney. Can you describe what qualifications you have to represent clients in deportation proceedings?

Answer: Regarding Immigration Law, in 2000, I passed a rigorous examination and extensive experience requirements by the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization. My firm handles all types of deportation cases from all over the United States. It is critical that you get an expert attorney to represent you for the deportation and removal cases, not just somebody who happens to be local. At the deportation or removal hearing, depending on the case, as a deportation lawyer, I can apply for many forms of relief to try to win the deportation case against the client. Some of these forms of relieve include political asylum, withholding of removal, and convention against torture, registry, adjustment of status, cancellation of removal, termination for deferred action, prosecutorial discretion, administrative closure among others.

Question: So what does a deportation attorney do at the actual hearings?

Answer: At the deportation hearing, a deportation attorney will be able to perform and guide the client through the entire through the process, the master calendar hearing, the contested hearings, and the individual hearings. Keep in mind that the master hearing is very important as it determines in many instances the direction of the case and should not be taken lightly. The contested hearings are very important as well as they will determine whether or not the charges against you will be sustained and whether the charge of removability will be issued. Finally, the individual hearing is critically important as this is the trial on the particular matter. There will be witnesses, testimony, evidence and other matters which will comprise of the entire trial. After the trial, the Immigration Judge will make a decision upon which you will either win or have to appeal. In any case, it is crucially important to have a qualified deportation attorney who is an expert and has years of experience as a deportation lawyer.

Question: How many years of experience as a deportation lawyer do you have?

Answer: As a deportation attorney, I have nearly 20 years of experience. With each case, I am better able to handle and help the client who is either in detention or fighting the case while not being detained.

Question: How can you take deportation cases all over the United States?

Answer: Because Immigration Law is Federal Law, an experienced deportation lawyer who is admitted as an attorney, can practice anywhere in the United States. As for deportation hearings in other States, I travel all over the United States to help clients. Many times, other than the Individual Hearings, the Immigration Judge will allow telephonic hearings. Since deportation and removal cases are very complicated, the client absolutely does wants an immigration attorney who is an expert deportation lawyer. There is too much at stake to hire somebody because they are local or simply charging a lot less money.


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